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How to get the best hygiene method in transport

When moving objects, goods or people, transport can be subject to recurrent encounters with infectious diseases. They can be easily and epidemically transmitted in closed environments, especially in places where people live together or are in close contact. Oxy’Pharm has set up a total hygiene solution for bio-cleaning and bio-disinfection that is perfectly adapted to transport. The treatments are biodegradable and have no impact on health and transport equipment.

steam bio-cleaning

There are many different problems related to hygiene and cleanliness in the transport sector and they often difficult to solve. Preliminary studies performed in collaboration with the technical departments of the SNCF, RATP and various private transport companies (public buses, car rental, etc.) have demonstrated that the Sanivap method provides considerable improvements. The Sanivap solution consists of a steam generator and accessories that, unlike chemical detergents, do not require rinsing. High temperature steam guarantees effectiveness in terms of detergent.

automated bio-disinfection

Viruses can spread extremely quickly. With international trade and increased human mobility, a virus can spread very quickly around the world. The Nocotech solution solves these problems in an efficient and simple way, thanks to its automated surface bio-disinfection system. The system is based on the combined action of a treatment device and a disinfectant or insecticide. A fully biodegradable solution, safe for health, that saves previous time.