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With its advanced technology, the Glosair solution is based on the dual action of an automated surface treatment device and a liquid disinfection product. A solution that treats all surfaces, even the most difficult to access, including electronic equipment.

Risk-free disinfection

All the disinfecting products in the range contain hydrogen peroxide. They are free from peracetic acid, biodegradable (they leave no residue), non-allergenic, non-corrosive on all surfaces (including electronic surfaces) and environmentally friendly. The spraying technology is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi and spores.

Control and trace

The Glosair device with its advanced technology has an innovative and secure system for the traceability of treatments using its RFID chip reader. Its USB port allows you to consult the history of the treatments carried out.

Its intuitive touch screen can be used to pre-programme treatments by desired areas, to set the volume of the room to be treated

(from 10 to 2,000m³), with the option of a delayed start.

Scientifically proven effectiveness...

Tests carried out in the laboratory and in the field have demonstrated the effectiveness of the pairing of the device and the range of disinfectant and insecticide products. The results observed revealed a total elimination of bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi on the treated surfaces. The treatment is certified according to EN 17272.

The Glosair product range

The Glosair range is based on the pairing of a spraying system and a disinfecting solution suited to all the areas of application and needs. There are various accessories for a personalised treatment.

The device

The disinfectant

The accessories

Quality control

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