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Our teams are located in France and abroad to offer you a quality service.


Because each request is unique, we have come up with solutions that are suited to your activity.


Our solutions comply with current standards to ensure that they are reliable and efficient.


Our solutions have been designed with eco-responsibility in mind to keep us on track for a green future!

The Oxy'Pharm Group
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Originally known across the world for its aerial surface disinfection (ASD) concept, the group is now able to provide the entire biocleaning chain with a wide range of solutions from cleaning to disinfection and pre-disinfection. Oxy’Pharm is able to transform a kitchen into an operating theatre! Its expertise means that it can meet the specific needs of clients in all sectors of activity (health, agri-food, pharmaceutical, local authorities, etc.).

A forerunner in “green” hygiene, all the solutions offered are eco-responsible, biodegradable and safe for human use. The quality of all these solutions is scientifically proven through in vivo and in vitro laboratory tests, which means that the group meets all standards and certifications on the market.

A winning combination

At the end of 2019, Oxy’Pharm will merge with Sanivap, the French specialist in steam bio-cleaning, whose solutions are certified according to the NF T72-110 standard. This merger means that a global range of products for eco-cleaning and eco-disinfection of surfaces are offered, and they are highly effective against all pathogens, including human coronaviruses. This was a winning combination for the group, since combining two complementary technologies immediately led to concrete applications in the field.


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