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Why is hygiene so important for communities?

The response from Oxy’Pharm: “Ensuring social protection and working conditions”.
But although for Oxy’Pharm the implementation of effective detergency and disinfection is more necessary today than ever, it must also go hand in hand with eco-responsibility. This is why the group has set up a total hygiene solution for bio-cleaning and bio-disinfection that is perfectly adapted to community sectors.
A solution that meets current standards and respects sustainable development.

steam cleaning

The Sanivap steam method ensures the cleanliness and hygiene of all surfaces in order to limit the risks of contamination. Sanivap provides a range of generators and accessories to facilitate the bio-cleaning process for agents and staff. These devices produce high temperature steam which guarantees their effectiveness in terms of detergent.
It is a 100% environmentally-friendly method that contributes to the objectives of sustainable development: no chemical products, very low water consumption, no pollutant discharge.

automated bio-disinfection

The Nocotech automated method reaches every cm2 of the surfaces to be treated to guarantee impeccable bio-disinfection. This method is irreproachable, as Nocotech does not require any human handling, which greatly reduces any risk. The method is based on a treatment device paired with a disinfectant or insecticide.
The treatment is 100% biodegradable, safe for health and environmentally friendly.