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How to control infectious risks

To limit the risks of contamination in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, the decontamination and disinfection of a clean room are two essential stages of the bio-cleaning process.
Through these two key stages of the bio-cleaning process, Oxy’Pharm offers a complete hygiene solution: steam bio-cleaning and automated surface disinfection.
Perfectly suited solutions for the research sector, manufacturing and marketing of medicinal products as the treatments are biodegradable and have no impact on the quality of the finished product, the equipment (including electronic equipment) needed for
production and the health of end consumers.

steam bio-cleaning

The Sanivap steam method is used to prepare the surfaces and guarantee that the subsequent disinfection is effective. These preliminary cleaning stages are therefore imperative. The solution consists of a steam generator and accessories that, unlike chemical detergents, do not require rinsing. These devices produce high temperature steam which guarantees their effectiveness in terms of detergent.

automated bio-disinfection

The disinfection function is used to make work equipment and premises bacteriologically safe. This is a fundamental issue in the industry, both for those who work in it and for protecting the final product and therefore the consumer. The Nocotech solution, which consists of an automated treatment device paired with a disinfectant or insecticide product, provides effective and regular bio-disinfection to significantly reduce the presence of pathogens. The lack of handling greatly reduces the risk of human error.

automated bio-disinfection with advanced technology

The Glosair solution is also based on the dual action of an automated surface treatment device and a disinfectant product. The difference is that it is a high-tech solution that makes it easier to control and trace all of the treatments. The Glosair solution therefore allows for high-quality follow-up of users.

Alpha Clean,
pre-disinfection of instruments

How to properly disinfect instruments before the sterilisation process In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector, it is essential to pre-disinfect all the tools used in production, as these are used every day.
The Alpha Clean range, which consists of a disinfecting auto-washer and a detergent solution, offers a simple and automatic solution that is used to pre-disinfect the instruments. An operation that consists of immersing the instruments in a detergent and disinfectant solution (bactericide) immediately after use. It prevents organic material from settling due to drying, the contamination of workers and the contamination of the environment.