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How to control the risks of contamination in the animal sector

Hygiene in the animal sector is essential to prevent infectious animal and human diseases. Animals carry parasites, bacteria, etc. During surgery at the vet’s office or on a breeding farm, animals are exposed to contamination. To solve this problem, Oxy’Pharm offers a complete, health-friendly hygiene solution based on steam bio-cleaning and automated surface bio-disinfection.
A solution that meets current standards and respects sustainable development.

steam bio-cleaning

Hygiene in the animal sector requires constant monitoring by professionals. Many people and animals pass through here every day. The risk of contamination is therefore even higher because it does not only depend on humans but also on the animal. Sanivap offers a steam bio-cleaning solution to control these risks. At high temperatures, the steam guarantees total detergent efficiency and eliminates dirt. Sanivap devices provide more thorough and longer lasting cleaning.

automated bio-disinfection

Animals can carry pathologies that are dangerous to humans and it is difficult to control the risk of rapid spreading. The Nocotech automated bio-disinfection solution uses its innovative system to control the risks of contamination. A system based on the dual action of a treatment device and a disinfectant or insecticide product. For staff, its automated system is a major asset in the organisation as it saves valuable time. Other than cleaning, the treatment does not require any human interventions is completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe.

automated bio-disinfection with advanced technology

The Glosair solution is also based on the dual action of an automated surface treatment device and a disinfectant product. The difference is that it is a high-tech solution that makes it easier to control and trace all of the treatments. The Glosair solution therefore allows for high-quality follow-up of users.

Alpha Clean,
pre-disinfection of instruments

Healthcare institutions for animals require an essential maintenance protocol to be put in place while equipment and medical devices are being decontaminated for better control of hygiene. To solve this issue, the Alpha Clean range, which consists of a disinfecting auto-washer and a detergent solution, is used to pre-disinfect the instruments. An operation that consists of immersing the instruments in a detergent and disinfectant solution (bactericide) immediately after use. It prevents organic material from settling due to drying, the contamination of workers and animals, and the contamination of the environment.
As soon as they are no longer in use, it is essential to irrigate the canals in order to remove any dirt immediately.