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How to manage health risks in tourist establishments

A tourist establishment must comply with certain requirements issued by the authorities regarding hygiene and food safety. In this ecosystem, Oxy’Pharm is able to transform a kitchen into an operating theatre. The proposed solutions ensure bio-cleaning and bio-disinfection of workstations and equipment. Each work surface is cleaned at a specific frequency, according to a specific method and with suitable products. The treatments are all environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

steam bio-cleaning

Awareness of the existence of the microbial world, analysis of the importance of hygiene rules and knowing how to reduce the risks of contamination are essential in the tourism sector. The high number of passages mean that a real organisation is required for the staff. The Sanivap method pairs detergent and disinfectant action with steam devices and accessories. High temperature steam guarantees effectiveness in terms of detergent. A proven method in the hygiene sectors to ensure health and sustainability.
The range also offers a steam treatment based on hydrogen peroxide to eliminate pests.

automated bio-disinfection

The Nocotech automated bio-disinfection solution is based on the dual action of a treatment device and a disinfectant or insecticide product. The lack of handling helps to limit the risk of human error. A simple, automated system that saves the user time as no preparation is required before (except for cleaning) and after the treatment (no need to wipe or ventilate). The treatment is economical, very little consumption of the product is needed and it is safe for health.