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The auto-scrubber for pre-disinfection...

The Alpha Clean range consists of an auto-washer and a neutral product, which provides the automatic and complete treatment of all instruments after use and before sterilisation. The device has a single tray that opens like a drawer. Soiled instruments from the treatment area, are placed in there directly. The cycle time is 45 minutes.

For efficient and risk-free pre-disinfection

The total lack of handling soiled equipment eliminates the risk of infection for the healthcare staff. The device has an ultrasound system that pre-disinfects even the most complex instruments, right down to the smallest corner. This solution saves time for the healthcare staff as no handling is required before or after the treatment.

Easy to use



The instruments placed in the tank are immersed in the Clean One disinfection solution.



Ultrasound in combination with the Clean One solution pre-disinfects every last corner of the instruments.



The instruments are immersed in clear water and the ultrasound action provides efficient rinsing.



The turbine generates hot air up to 80°C.

The Alpha Clean product range

The Alpha Clean range consists of an auto-washer and a pre-disinfecting detergent for temperature stable and temperature sensitive instruments. The device is available as 16L or 27L.

The device

The solution

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