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Greet and work with confidence

Some sectors are given special attention, but others should not be neglected as they can be problematic in terms of potential infection. Places that welcome customers on a daily basis are therefore exposed to a higher risk of microbiological transmission. How to solve this Oxy’Pharm offers these professionals bio-cleaning and bio-disinfection solutions designed with environmental responsibility and sustainable development in mind.

Sanivap, steam bio-cleaning

The Sanivap steam method ensures efficiency, productivity gains and ease of implementation. What does it involve? Its steam generators and wide range of accessories can be used for bio-cleaning surfaces. High temperature steam guarantees effectiveness in terms of detergent. A method that has proven itself in the hygiene sectors to ensure health and sustainability.

Nocotech, automated bio-disinfection

Effective bio-disinfection ensures a healthy environment to combat infectious risks. The Nocotech solution is based on an automated system that pairs a treatment device with a disinfectant or insecticide product. It is an easy-to-use system that requires no human intervention. The treatment is completely biodegradable and safe for health. It is a real time saver for the user.

Glosair, automated bio-disinfection with advanced technology

The Glosair solution is also based on the dual action of an automated surface treatment device and a disinfectant product. The difference is that it is a high-tech solution that makes it easier to control and trace all of the treatments. The Glosair solution therefore allows for high-quality follow-up of users.