Product sheet

Our dispersion machines allow to treat rooms until 20 000m3.
Ease of use : setting mode of the volume of the room on Touchpad (from 500 to 20 000m3) and LED display.
Very small quantity of product required.
LEDS are switching off over the treatment.
The Nocomax Easy shows whether the treatment was accomplished and a dyfunction happened.
No action is required before (other than cleaning) and after treatment (no wiping nor airing)

The treatment consists of 2 phases:

  • Nocomax Spraying
  • Disinfectant Contact time




  • Technical informations
    • 2 000 Watt electric turbine
    • Manufactured to ISO 13485
    • Rotation speed : 22 000 tr/min
    • Average flow: 6 000 ml/h
    • Fog output speed : 80 m/sec
    • Tare weight : 49 kg
    • Automatic stop
    • Easily movable thanks to its wheels
    • Available voltage: 230 V

Possible options

  • Nozzle adjustable
  • Customization of the device

Compatible with

Compatible with 20L cans of: