Thomas STORME (France)
Pharmacist, Head of reconstruction chemotherapy unit and parenteral nutrition unit
Robert Debré Hospital (pediatric facility of the AP-HP)

Pharmacist, Head of reconstruction chemotherapy unit and parenteral nutrition unit, in the Robert Debré Hospital (pediatric facility of the AP-HP), Thomas Storme comments on the innovative system developed in its units to maintain microbiological quality.

In both units, you use the device Nocospray and the disinfectant Nocolyse, designed by Oxypharm. Isn’t ?

Yes, it is. In reconstruction chemotherapy unit, we work in an enclosed environment (gloves boxes), where we have to maintain optimal microbiological quality.

The cleaning of this area had been given to an an outside subcontractor, but it was not always in line with our requirements.

That’s why, in January this year, we chose to resume cleaning with Oxypharm concept – and because it has proven effective in parenteral nutrition unit where we were already using it since january 2008.

And why did you choose it ?

In this parenteral nutrition unit, we decontaminated the room environment and the basic materials (for instance, the outside of bottle of sterile solutions) using alcohol solution with formalin nebulizing for more bactericide efficiency.

Nevertheless, formalin is a toxic and carcinogenic product that leaves behind sticky residuals, after nebulization.

So, we looked for an alternative non-toxic solution and efficient as the formalin, for over two years ago.

That is how we chose Nocospray and Nocolyse by Oxypharm. Nocolyse is indeed a bio-disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide solution stabilized by colloidal silver.

It is an effective bactericide and it leaves no residue (since it converts to natural water and oxygen, after 30 minutes). And, it complies with hygiene standards in force.

In addition, this system is very easy to use. On the one hand, the device which diffuses dry fog is portable, and thus it can be used in different places according to the needs. On the other hand, the timer enables to adjust the diffusion time of the room volume to disinfect.

Nowadays, Nocospray and Nocolyse are used to decontaminate the whole of the « clean rooms » in Robert-Debra hospital and no one resistance to germ has been detected.