Nocotech, is an innovative concept

OXY’PHARM developed NOCOTECH, automated concept of disinfection of surfaces by dry spraying. It is about combining a dispersing machine (NOCOSPRAY or NOCOMAX) with a biodegradable disinfectant (NOCOLYSE, NOCOLYSE ONE SHOT, NOCOLYSE FOOD) or insecticide product (MOXY, OXYPY, OXYPY+).

The disinfectants of our range are liquids containing hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) without peracetic acid.

Our dispersing machines (NOCOSPRAY or NOCOMAX) depend on a heating and ionizing turbine that sprays disinfectant products liquid transformed into a dry fog.

In this non-wetting fog, the particle size (5 µ on average) ensures a slow and perfectly uniform sedimentation on every square centimetre of the treated premises with no humidity.

All disinfectant products of our range are biodegradable (leave no residue), non-allergenic, non-corrosive to all-surfaces (included to electronic surfaces) and environmentally friendly.

The disinfection of surface is aerial and unmanned (and it leaves no residu). In this way, there is no risk for the user who meets the implementation requirements.

The aerial disinfection of surfaces allows to treat hard surfaces, even unreachable areas. It gives an even distribution of the product on the surfaces.

This concept brings a maximum simplification to surface disinfection. Indeed, you only have to set up the volume of the room to be treated and start the treatment.

The 2 stages of desinfection with Nocotech:

  • Spraying
  • Contact time

The contact time is  the time required for an even distribution of the disinfectant fog on the treated surfaces, for its biocide effectiveness and  to convert to natural water and oxygen.

The machine stops automatically at the end of the dispersion.

No action is  necessary after the contact time (no wiping nor airing required).

It is obviously critical to have determined a protocol in order to best control the treatments.

Our patented dispersion technology has a lethal effect on virus, bacteria, yeast, mould and spores.

Our disinfection machines allow to treat air and surfaces thanks to a range of disinfectant products completely biodegradable.

The range of pyrethrins-based disinsectant product is designed for indoor use.

Our insecticides products can also be used in local applications with a sprayer, in complement to using the dispersion machine. Our patented dispersion technology has a lethal effect on flying insects, crawling insects and bedbugs.