Head of organization and quality of care
Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre

Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre is a referral center for its innovations and inventions in both cardio-pediatric and cardiovascular and transplantation fields.

It’s a private nonprofit hospital with 201 beds and about 4 000 procedures per year and 8600 hospital stays, that requires a high degree of accuracy and requirements for maintenance, hygiene or risk commitment.

We have emphasized the fight against nosocomial infections, including the staff, the patient, and the infections coming from environment called cross-contamination at surfaces.

The disinfection process of the Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre is in two times.

First, classic manual bio-cleaning with disinfectant cleaning agent or cleaning agent.

Secondly, it’s about aerial disinfection with Nocospray. It’s a complementary cleaning method. The special feature of this technology is that fog gas is biodegradable, no corrosive and it gives an even distribution of the product, even unreachable areas. It affects all types of germs, including bacteria, yeasts, spores (Clostridium Difficile), viruses and fungal infections.

We use this concept for operating room or resuscitation unit. We have used this concept since 2009 and we own a decade of devices.