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Fabienne COISSIN (France)
Health executive
Lanny-Sur Marne Hospital - France

The device provided a return on investment in 6 months. It saves on material. Previously, when patients were discharged after more 30 inpatient days, all materials, even unused, present in the hospital room were thrown away, which represented a significant …

Marie-Laure BALENCA (France)
Health nurse
Lanny-Sur Marne Hospital - France

We had problems with avian flu, SARS,… Thus, device is required to control of these pathogens. Nocospray/Nocolyse provides additional security for the resuscitation department. We also use it with patients infected with resistant bacteria, and it allows us to limit …

Thomas STORME (France)
Pharmacist, Head of reconstruction chemotherapy unit and parenteral nutrition unit
Robert Debré Hospital (pediatric facility of the AP-HP)

Pharmacist, Head of reconstruction chemotherapy unit and parenteral nutrition unit, in the Robert Debré Hospital (pediatric facility of the AP-HP), Thomas Storme comments on the innovative system developed in its units to maintain microbiological quality. In both units, you use …

Pr. Alain SARASIN (France)
Head of CNRS research unit
Gustave Roussy Institute

When we discovered Nocosprays/Nocolyse does as formaldehyde, in the same efficiency for 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours, but without risk to contaminate the staff working nearby, it was an obvious choice. It offers great flexibility of use for …

Head of organization and quality of care
Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre

Marie Lannelongue Surgical Centre is a referral center for its innovations and inventions in both cardio-pediatric and cardiovascular and transplantation fields. It’s a private nonprofit hospital with 201 beds and about 4 000 procedures per year and 8600 hospital stays, …

M. Langrand (Swiss)
Technical manager Sleep & Health
Sleep & Health

At Sleep & Health, we have used Nocospray for several years. We treat patients with sleep apnea syndrome. We looked for an efficient solution for the disinfection of our breathing machines CPAP- Bilevel). Our quality management impose high requirements. We …

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